Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mistakes in our Favor

A brief update on what came from the heartstopping scare that Applebee's gave us. (Remember the sheriff's office had called at 11:35 accusing two of my children of skipping out on a tab? Come to find out, it was a bar tab that someone ELSE had dodged and the guy had rudely pushed through Sarah's crowd to leave the joint.)

When Steve wrote a letter to corporate, the guy profusely apologized and said it was the first he'd heard of it. The man sent a formal letter of apology and a 40 dollar gift certificate. I have resolved not to give this particular establishment (the one in Churchville) another dime. I'm not all that pleased with the Sheriff's Department, either, but I know who to call about that. I have connections:) Now that my heart has returned to a normal pace...


Another error in our favor. We took Ben to PF Chang's today for his birthday. This was the PF Chang's in White Marsh. My parents and sister joined us for lunch. Halfway through his meal of Shrimp with Melons and Candied Walnuts, he spotted a piece of metal. It looked like a metal twist-tie from a wrapper.

The waiter was so embarrassed and the manager came out quicko-pronto, apologized up one side and down the other, ordered a replacement which was better than the first AND she took 30 bucks off the bill. Our server wasn't so great (kind of a jerk, actually, once he lost face with the manager, fellow server, and us). But the way the manager handled the situation was 180 degrees different from the Applebee's treatment. I applaud her. She made up for less-than-stellar service from the rest of the staff.


Rachel Anne said...

My father in law once found a metal bolt in his food at a restaurant. Imagine chomping down on that??

I believe the received a free meal that day.

I can't believe the sheriff showed up over a "skipped tab." Maybe he doesn't have enough to do?? You'd think he'd have bigger fish to fry.

Laurie Lynn said...

So shines a good deed in a weary world."
There are those owners and managers who have a clue about customer service and satisfaction!
My husband found a ladybug in his salad at a restaurant. When we mentioned it to the waitress, she said, "Yeah, well we keep the lettuce in a big tub of water and sometimes bugs get in there." (Somehow her explanation was supposed to explain (and excuse) the bug! Then she said, "Did ya want me to getcha another one?" Duh! Another ladybug or another salad WITHOUT a lady bug??? It was like saying, "Yeah, well, ladybugs add protein, they're kind of cute and better than the cockroaches that run around the kitchen, so you got the better deal!"

Anonymous said...

MMM,that Shrimp with Melons and Candied Walnuts dish was amazing! Minus the metal.