Friday, March 06, 2009

Ideas for Mini Retreats?

I am feeling desperate to get away from the same-old same-old, and to meet up with sisters in Christ for a couple/three/20 days. To sing, laugh, sleep, cry, talk, read scripture, eat, and repeat as necessary for the refreshing of my spirit.

Our church's ladies' retreat is every other year. This year we were supposed to have one and I could hardly wait. Then it got cancelled because of scheduling and fiscal hardships. I didn't realize the depth of my desire for a retreat, nor the depth of my disappointment until a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to shake the desire. I know I must hold it loosely lest I idolize time with the One who commands me to have no idols!

Yet,I don't want to give up. I think retreats are good and necessary. Jesus rowed away from the crowds from time to time for the sole purpose of praying.

I envy women whose husbands "send them" on personal retreats or "send them" to have quiet times at cozy restaurants or peaceful parks. My husband is not a sender. Not of that sort, anyway. He sends me to Home Depot for furnace filters, he sends me to Arby's for Beef 'n Cheddar sandwiches, he sends me to Walgreen's to pick up prescriptions. But he has never "sent" me on a retreat that I didn't already plan on going to.

So I am making mental plans to send myself away:)

I need ideas. For the record, I don't think I'd do well to go on a personal retreat alone. I am more likely to be encouraged by others than to sit alone somewhere for a weekend.

We have the money. That's not a big hurdle, so feel free to suggest overnighters that aren't dirt cheap. Part of my being refreshed, by the way, is going to places where other people do the cooking and cleaning. I don't enjoy camping one bit. Roasting marshmallows ? Fine. Singing "Kum Ba Yah"? Tolerable. But sleeping an inch from a bug-infested dirt floor? No thanks. My youth retreat days were over with my youth.

Any suggestions for a mature, beautiful, relaxing, faith-inspiring getaway place? I'm good for up to 4 hours away. Four-hour plane rides included.


Anonymous said...

I posted a song on my blog with you in mind in response to a lovely poem you wrote (posted then erased?) about grief... (Maybe not "the perfect" song for your situation, but it's the one that came to mind.)
Remember tears can be cleansing.
Praying for you, a dear sister in the Lord.

Anonymous said...

What about the bed and breakfasts in Havre de Grace? I sent my mom there once and I know Debbie Reyes went on a personal retreat and stayed at one too. There's lots of places to walk around the water and be alone too.

Kelly said...

Wish I had some grand ideas for you, but my retreat is to be at the Bel Air library, after some fortification and refreshment at Huckleberry's!

Anonymous said...

"To sing, laugh, sleep, cry, talk, read scripture, eat, and repeat as necessary for the refreshing of my spirit."
Singing: We have extra hymnals and can sing acapella or Mike could play guitar, unless you can play piano. We have one.
Laugh: Surely, especially if we go to Kanopolis and ride horses!
Eat: Oh yeah. We don't have a plethora of restaurants in town, but enough to be okay, and though I'm no gourmet, I can usually make a decent pot roast or casserole. Other restaurants within short driving distance! Coffee and tea always available!
Sleep: You can use our guest room. It's cozy and we'll make the pull out queen sized couch as comfy as possible with your back in mind! (Tab says it's very comfy.)
Cry: Got kleenex!
Talk: Yes.
Read scriptures: Would love to.
Repeat for refreshing: Holy Spirit's work!
Barb is welcome! And we could add a few other women from our fellowship on occasion for a "hen howl" if we want. (I have friends and family you must meet, but I wouldn't want to "wear you out"!)
Seriously. If you'd consider this, Email me and we'll get specific!
If you don't feel invited yet, I've not communicated clearly!
If this is not the type of thing you had in mind, I understand! But there's my suggested option! Come for as long as you can! (Wow! I feel bold!)

Zoanna said...

Laurie Lynn, Kansas is sounding really good. Barb reminds me often that it's my turn to fly her way. I am seriously considering it. Actually, three times of retreat would be quite the charm (I go quickly into greed mode when I think of "me time.")

1) 1.5 days by myself at a B&B.
2) 3 days with local ladies I handpick for gutbusting laughter, great food, sob fests, and aoaking in scriptures at a Maryland lakeside/bayside/oceanside villa
3) 10 days in KS meeting you, meeting up with Barb and Terri and Charlotte and trekking on out to Estes Park.CO, for horseback riding, plus all the other things I mentioned in 2.

Your invititions is way too kind. Remember you only have met me "on screen." You might like me less in real life, but

Zoanna said...

Danielle, I love the Spencer Silver B&B and would love to check out the Vandiver. It's a charming place, Havre de Grace.

Kelly, come on! the Bel Air Library? I didn't mean "mini mini" retreat! The library reminds me of work==homeschooling, regular schooling. NOpe, tis not retreatful for me. Huckleberry's, yes. Would meet you there any day or evening.

Zoanna said...

I should hire a proofreader. My typos are pathetic. Never heard of
invititions, but I think they're plural and deserve a plural verb.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas is a must! We all need some R&R. You can even come to my new house in the country! I am anxious to meet Laurie in Lindsborg.