Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Weight Weport #5

Popping onto my blog with exciting news: I lost 4 pounds this week! I'm quite a happy camper. Total now for six weeks: 12.4 lbs. What was really sweet is that it's an uncanny display (for me) of self-control in the midst of all my sadness (about my camper girl going away)and hectic readying for Sarah's farewell. I even attended a nice dinner out w/ Paul (Mtn Branch), a graduation party, and only exercise 3x. It's a testimony to God's grace that I no longer have the immediate urge to eat when I'm emotional. Or at least if I do, I now recognize it. I go to the one true God, not the false god of food that brings a momentary promise of happiness and a lifetime of bad habits.

God was kind in the smallest details today, I just have to tell ya .

1) When I went to weigh in at the meeting, the lady at the counter asked how my week was and I told her, "Not bad, but not great foodwise and exercise wise, plus my daughter leaves tomorrow for 8 weeks to a Christian camp as a counselor. " This lady replied by telling me she just sent her son off to Alaska as a counselor at a Christian camp, and her daughter to Ethiopa for 10 days on a missions trip. She has a third child graduating high school this Friday and the fourth kid is 11 and having sadness over her older sibs leaving. I thought, Wow, Lord, how perfect is your timing. I asked the lady if she'd had a good cry yet and she shook her head and bit her lip. "Not yet. It's coming, though. Have you? " "Yes, a big one Monday." She smiled knowingly. So I felt a kindred spirit with her and went skipping off to answer a call from Sarah.

2) Turns out Sarah's car was overheating again. (She was practically across the street from me when she called.) Antifreeze leak, so we had to run our errands together (I mean got to! I loved picking out cute new washcloths and bedsheets with her for her camp room.) We ended up deciding she will use the Jeep for the summer and we'll keep the convertible here (yay for top down fun for me!!!) . I'm so thankful the engine trouble was spotted y'day and kept up today rather than happen when Sarah's alone on dusty backroads in Nowheresville, PA.

3) Got to the mall parking lot to pick up a hostess gift for the family she'll be staying with most Saturday nights. (There's a new church plant and these folks are the pastor and wife. To safeguard Sarah, I won't mention names and places.) They have been emailing her and can't wait to meet . Anyway ,this SUV in the mall lot had a bumper sticker "My son is in Afghanistan. Enjoy your freedom. " The mom got out and I was right behind her. I told her to please give my regards to her son. She smiled broadly and announced he's coming home tomorrow! They will celebrate not just his return but his 20th birthday. "He's a young'un," I said. "Well, please tell him I am grateful for his service --and happy birthday." My throat is always half stuck in my throat when I talk to soldiers or their loved ones.

4) I went to Bath & Body Works not knowing they were having a great sale! I stocked up on foaming hand soap (4 for $10) and other goodies. Big bin of 50 and 75% off stuff! Get there soon!

Sarah and I leave in about six hours for PA, caravanning with her lifelong friend Hannah and her mom Kathy ( my lifelong friend). Please pray for us.

I've just finished typing a grammar test and am headed to bed. It's quarter till 2 .


terri said...

It sounds like you had a great day! It always helps when we make headway in the weight loss game. I joined a weigh down war at work. But I am not doing so well yet. I keep falling off the wagon so to speak! I found a great workout video for home. Leslie Sansone walk at home exercise videos. Highly recommend them. You are doing great so hang in there.

Laurie said...

Glad you could "pop on"!
Lots of big stuff happening!
God blesses in so many ways!
Praying for God's satisfying presence to reign!