Monday, June 08, 2009

B&BW Testimony

I briefly mentioned it before, but Bath & Body Works is having their BIG semi-annual sale now. For anyone who loves their foaming soaps (and who doesn't?) they're 4 for $10 now.

Little testimony, one of those "it could only be God" things: Sarah has linked up to a host family in PA who planted a church up there. According to her, they are "SO, SO, SO nice." I had insisted that while away at camp Sarah attend an SG church at least six times. Well, the woman whom Sarah contacted has an amazing gift of hospitality. When I talked with her for the first time, it was an hour! She asked me specifically what Sarah likes because Jody wanted to "have something special for her when she gets here."

I wanted to bless Jody and her 15 year old daughter with a hostess gift from B&BW, not knowing they were having a big sale. The only thing I really knew was that Jody's father-in-law has just been diagnosed with cancer and is going from one doctor or hospital to another, and so I thought --since she'll be in a germy environment with him but still wants to offer the comfort of physical touch to him--I'd get a little gift that a friend gave me upon my hospitalization: a moisturizing tube of antibacterial hand soap. You know there are at least 15 different fragrances to choose from. I forget which one I decided on for her, but for her daughter I picked up Nectarine Mint. Well, check this out: Jody opened the gift bag (which included a Coconut Lime Verbena Wallflower and some foaming soap--forget which fragrance again) but she exclaimed, "That is my favorite store!" Sarah said they were having a big sale and so the 3 of them (Jody, Abby and Sarah) went shopping Friday. When they got there, Abby asked if she could get a tube of nectarine mint anti-b lotion, not realizing that the one I sent was for her. She was so thrilled. Come on, of ALL the scents I could have chosen, the Lord hand me choose Abby's favorite for her? I've never even met the girl!

That's the kind of story that just makes me shake my head and say, "Only you, God. Only You, could've orchestrated those details."

I decided to stock my closet with foaming soaps, especially after trying Kathy's trick to stretch the soap for as long as humanly possible! (She uses 1/4 soap to 3/4 water in the pump, plus a drop of food coloring.)


Leanne said...

I love when God does that :)

Laurie said...

I could smell the pleasing aroma of Bath and Body Works AND of God's grace as I read that!

terri said...

If you are looking for a great new scent from Bath and Body, try the Black Currant Vanilla scent. Yummy!