Friday, June 12, 2009

Did it Again

Embarrassed myself in public, that is. And as if that weren't enough, I'm posting it for you all to laugh about, too. There must be something wrong with me. (Well, that's a given.)

How did I commit the latest social blunder, you ask? Well, I went clothes shopping today for an upcoming beach wedding. (Thanks to Kathleen, Joel was much happier to play with her children at their house than to offer his opinions on my wardrobe selections. )

So I'm standing there at the cash register with a frilly sleeveless Spandex top in one hand and my money in the other. The cashier asks if I have a Macy's card. No. Do I want one? No, thanks. You'll get every discount known to man or woman if you do, she pushes. No, thanks; we have one card and pay it off monthly or use cash. Pretty simple. Did you find everything you were looking for? No, I tell her. I wanted a skirt to go with this top. She points me in the direction of a flowy periwinkle number and I thank her again, punching in my PIN number on the debit card. She bags my purchase and wishes me a nice weekend. You, too, I say.

All business as usual.


I turn to leave the register, a Good Samaritan taps me on the shoulder and leans close to my ear. "Your shirt is inside out, "she tells me in low tones. "The tag is sticking out and the seams are showing."

"Oh, no! Thank you!" I freak --and fly like my bum's afire into the dressing room.

Pitiful thing getting old. They say the eyesight's the second thing to go...


Laurie Lynn said...

Oh dear! I just betcha you'll enjoy wearing the top even more now that there's a story behind it!
Oh, those things that go when we get old*er!...
I was going to say something else, but do you think I can remember what?

Kelly said...

That is so funny! I hope it's not a sign of age, though - I'm only 31 and I do it all the time, so what's my excuse? And furthermore, if I do it now, what am I going to be like when I *am* old??