Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Jake and Kathy

We miss you! It's great to see your girls on your blog, Kathy, but when I came across this shot while browsing through old graduation pictures, I realized, "Wow. I sure do miss seeing these folks." If you recall, this shot was taken at
the senior dinner last year in Little Italy. (The way overpriced one I recommended that had flat ginger ale and fake library books painted on the walls.) The company 'round the table certainly redeemed the price we paid to get together.
Anyway, it's a beautiful picture of the two of you. Hope you're well. It sounds like you are.

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kathy.wilson said...

Zoanna, you are so kind! It is nice to know that dear friends back "home" have not forgotten us.
Having the Jrs. and Srs. here for the e-team sure does make me home-sick. Dave Rogers starts talking about his care group, which turns out to be our old care group... Alex talks about his parents and grandparents - all of which were in our care groups at some point...
Oh, how hard it is to uproot and move, but God is still good!