Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weight Weport after 6 Weeks

This week I lost just .2, which was a pleasant surprise, atually, considering I ONLY exercised once by taking a prayer walk with my friend Bonnie. Though I always wish for more, I am glad to be averaging just over two whole pounds a week.

Total lost: 12.6 in 6 weeks.

I was aware this week of excuses going on in my head, the biggest one being "it''s been so hectic trying to finish up school that I'm wiped out.'" Well, granted, it was hectic (it's not as easy as fazing out a homeschool year because--ready or not--you've got to stop on the last day of school, take everything off walls, clean the room up, gather books, send junk home with students, blahblahblah.) But an excuse is an excuse is an excuse, an it don't take no discipline a'tall to build the Great Wall of Fat with them!

No more excuses. Like I ask my students, "Are we going to make excuses or are we going to make progress?"

For me, I am determined to shed 1.8 pounds this coming week to keep my average streak going. I keep the really big picture in mind, which is 100 in a Year. Progress: one good choice after another.

Starting the Bible study, Believing God, is exactly what I need during this time. Those times when I say, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief," keeps me focused on two facts:

1) He has given me faith to believe what I believe now.
2) He wants to change my unbelief to belief in every area, and I can look back on the past six weeks as a testament to His ongoing work to change me from believing "once fat, always fat" to "once out of control, now Spirit-controlled in my appetite for food."


Leanne said...

So, if I send you an e-mail with some specifics, would you like to pray for me next week while you're walking? :)

zz said...

Certainly! Or perhaps you could join us:)?

Laurie Lynn said...

Keep believing.
Keep trusting Him for faith to believe!
Every day each step of the way He will guide you! Press on!