Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Shirt Bookends

L to R: Shall we have a little fun writing captions for their poses?

Paul's Aunt Jane: "Okay, I'll look your camera, Zo. No one else is paying attention."

Paul: "Just get this over with, please."

Gerard: "I'm practicing for the casket."

Tony: "How many fingers am I holding up? I can't tell anymore."

Dave: "They told me and Paul to play the part of the Blue Shirt Bookends. "

See the family resemblance in the cheekbones?
It's uncanny. They all look like their mom who passed away 3 weeks before Paul and I got married. She looked very much like her sister, Jane, pictured above.

Paul with his
younger brother
Dave's grandson, Gareth.
Paul is the only
one of his brothers
who is not yet a
grandpa. But doesn't
he look like he'll be
a good one?

The pictures above were taken at the reception of...

Danny & Lisa's



I love their expressions
here. Of course, Danny's
head looks like it's attached
to the preacher's shoulders.
I wish I were gutsier
about taking pictures in
formal settings, especially
the once-in-a-lifetime ones.
But I feel so self-c0nscious.
I can "see" good shots, but
I fear I'm getting on people's
nerves when I move in/ around
to take them.

Anyway, congratulations again
to my nephew and his beautiful
new wife, Lisa. It was a long time
coming, that wedding, but gor-
geous on Rehoboth Beach.
Thanks for inviting us.
I look fat in all the pictures.
Check that. I AM fat in all
the pictures, so none of me
posted here.

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Laurie said...

Yea for photos Zoanna!
I miss seeing you even though you THINK you have a good excuse!
What a special time that must have been!