Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weight Weport # ??

Losing track is so much easier than losing weight, but I'm happy to report a small loss of 1.4 this week. Total is 18 and change, exactly half of what my WW partner, Karen, has achieved.

She is really burning her butt off up in the hinterlands. I ran into her for the first time in a long time at our WW meeting place, mostly because she and I can't make it at the same time every week anymore. Nonetheless, seeing her fly out the door while I flew in was a highlight in my day.

I need to get back to seriousness in my journey downward. I am nowhere near where I wanted to be when I started in April. I had hoped to have lost at least 30 by now. Mostly need to return to doing the things I was doing in the beginning--keeping track of points, exercising at least 4 times a week, reading uplifting material on the subject, planning for hunger, making menus, and shopping accordingly. The thought of doing this in Foodville reminds me to also return to the things that made my marriage stronger in the beginning, but that's a whole 'nother post.

Thank You, Lord, for this small victory, and for letting me rest in your mercy when I'm feeling defeated. Please help me stay the course for Your glory and my good.


Laurie said...

We used to sing a song at a Baptist Kid's Program called"
Little by Little".
I don't know if it's all theologically correct, but the tune pops into my head now and then. It did after I read you post and I write it here to be an encouragement: (If we were in person I'd sing it, which might be a discouragement!)

"Little by little everyday
Little by little everyway
My Jesus is changing me
Since I've made a turn about faith I've been walking in His grace
My Jesus is changing me

He's changing me, my precious Jesus I'm not the same person that I used to be
Some times it's slow going but there's a knowing
That one day perfect I will be
(Obviously the perfection is not on this side of heaven and has nothing to do with how ww look or walk or whatever! It's when we see Him face to face)

Okay, sorry about the long comment (again).

krista said...

I too am struggling in this area right now, and feeling the need to recommit to my former plan-of-action. It's so hard not to compare ourselves to others. Will be praying for grace-filled perseverance. (for you and me!)