Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Please Save These for Me

Dear Friends Who Live Near Me,

For the next month, would you please try to remember to save the following items for me to use in art classes?

-round lids (stiff plastic or smooth metal) between 2" and 8" in diameter (no soda or water bottle lids)
-expired gift cards (hey, I won't complain if you give me loaded ones, but...)
-yarn of various colors (skeins, not pieces)
-empty spools
-empty medicine bottles, preferably with lid (label removed or blacked out)
-useless keys
-nylon mesh (like from onion bags)
-sandpaper (used is fine)
-magazine pictures of any of the following:
animals, close-up faces, very tall models (modestly dressed), cityscapes, very large single foods (ie one big melon,
one gigantic grilled cheese sandwich, a big hot dog, etc--I'm looking for pictures that don't have clutter
or words printed through them); collections of color that are A) monochromatic --a bunch of green trees,
all red/pink hearts, etc . It would help me a lot if you could put one collection in a gallon size Ziploc bag
I can just hand a student a bag of say, all yellow pics or all blues, and not a whole magazine (Been there, done that,
not wise.

-anything you think would look cool on a junk sculpture (we're going to make an enormous animal of some sort as a whole class) Please, no toilet paper rolls. I can't stand the thought of recyling those. As a recycling artist, that's where I "draw the line."

I may think of things to add to this list, but that's it for now. Thanks for thinking of me. Please let me know by Sept 9 what you have so I can adjust my list. I appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

I'll try to remember to set this stuff aside for you!