Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Look Back at my Summer Goals

1. Finish current Bible study, Believing God, by Beth Moore. Done. It was very good. I believe God more now. Start a group of prayer walkers (or go it alone) one evening a week for at least 8 weeks
2. Walked five times. Sometimes alone, but enjoyed company more. The most notable answers to the prayer appear to be: a) a healthy pregnancy/no miscarriage for my friend Leanne
b) sense of revival among some youth in our church and c) God's removal of my fear over a certain issue.

3. Lose 2 pounds a week on average. No. I've lost 18.6 since April 29. So much for lofty goals. I think when I told the staffer at WW that I wanted to lose 100 in a year and her response was "ain't gonna happen," it deeply discouraged me. I mean, I have since thought about the power of her words and have wondered how it is she is a weight-loss coach. It was just after her comment that my journey became a burden to my soul that hasn't lifted. She probably meant well and didn't want me to get my hopes dashed by real life; nonetheless I am wired to achieve with encouragement. I wasn't raised with discouragement that made me say, "I'll show you." I have had to realize that this last half of my life has been filled with more negativity than the first 22, including learning to believe that I can succeed even when I don't really have cheerleaders under my roof. Thank God for my girlfriends!

4. Get new glasses, new hairdo. Accomplished as of last update. I'm liking a tad bit longer hair. I can do more with it. Doesn't seem to matter to Paul how I wear it, as long as I don't look butch. "Hair is hair," he says. Does anyone else's husband have the same attitude?

5.Plan an exciting school year (world history, geog, grammar, writing, and art). Speaking for myself, having a good time in history and geography. I have yet to make grammar fun, but I am up for ideas! Art will be pretty cool most of the time, Lord willing. This week: clay sculpture, next week Andy Warhol.

6. Read a missionary biography. Not over the summer, but currently reading Amazing Grace (life of Wm Wilberforce) by John Piper.


7. Host missionaries Andrey and Valeria from Birobidzhan . Yes.
8. Meet Sarah's host family in PA . Yes. They were wonderful.

Home Improvements

9. Paint the basement. No, but I painted my office (one wall) myself. Botched it, but love the color!
10. Redecorate the little bathroom. Done, except for trim and hanging art. The art is framed and on display, though.


11. Reorganize my office. Pshaw! This room is the proverbial thorn in my side.
12. Declutter all kitchen cabinets. More have been done. Conclusion: kitchen is NEVER done!


13. Keep up with the veggie and flower gardens and enjoy their bounty . Bounty, good. Keeping up, not so good.

Decided to be Paul's helper when he decided he wanted to start teaching Kindergarten Sunday School. Next week is our first time. Nervous/excited about it. No more fear about what else I may be asked to do. I have peace, though I do think a storm may be coming.

Joel's Goals:
Learn to tie his shoes: not yet
Read 100 books: Probably. Lost track at 74.
Play with a friend at least once a week: no.
Spend time with Pappaw and Ima every week : No. Spent maybe 6 hours with them all summer. Crying shame when they live 15 minutes away.
Lose his first tooth lost: TWO.
Visit Sarah : Yes! It was fun! A summner highlight.
Play tennis with Dad and me : No.
Go to Sandy Cove 5 times a month . Got there once.

So, all in all, not the least or most productive summer we've ever had, nor the most memorable for me. But I am a believer in setting goals; you're more likely to accomplish them if they're made and written than if you never put them out there to begin with. I like the quote: "Anything worth doing is worth failing at." Though I hate the "at" at the end of it, the point remains.


Laurie said...

I'm applauding your list, your accomplished goals and your being okay with the accomplishments as well as non-accomplishments that allowed for God's direction and leading! I used to be an avid list maker and loved to cross off met goals!!!
I find my NEW normal is to make short lists (and even some of those goals go unmet) but I've HAD to resort to shorter lists so my list don't try to own me! Anyway I'm in the short list stage now. There does seem to be a season for everything. A season for long lists of goals and a season for short lists. To everything there is a season! But I'm with you, written goals (whether short or long lists) seem always to be in season! Happy goal setting and accomplishing in His time and grace!

Danielle said...

Hey the weight you loss is a lot! Good for you, even if you didn't reach your goal!

Josh is like that about hair too. Has no care the way I wear it or get it cut. Although he did say he kind of liked it best short. Although I really want it nice and long at least one more time!

Laurie said...

Women, men and hair!
I finally stopped asking my husband too much about my hair because I could see him feeling like he was being trapped when I'd ask... He's a smart man. I had to chuckle at Danielle's statement of having her hair "nice and long at least one more time". Though I'm not exactly sure what she meant, I've said the same thing about my hair length (yet, I'm not sure if my hair has ever been "nice and long".) Sometimes I think when I ever stop colorig and let my hair go all gray, I'd like to wear it long, gray and in a bun. That sounds so old fashioned, but I kindo of like the idea. A question I have is if there is an age women should not have long hair.
I always say hair is one of the things we can change and it's not a permanent change. I used to go from medium length to short, grow it out to medium length, then get it cut short. (not "butch", but short) Why does it seem like getting in cut lately is such a much bigger deal? I used to be all about saying, "Oh, it'll grow back." Now, it sort of seems like I don't make changes as often or as easily. I'm in a rut or it has something to do with my age?Anyway, I'm still liking the long gray hair pulled back in a bun idea. Do you ever wonder how you'll wear your hair if God grants long life to you?
Hmmm. On the other hand, I'm a woman, so who knows, I could go out and get a short cut any day now... it'll grow back! Sorry about all that rambling and putting all that talk about hair "on your shoulders"

Laurie Lynn said...

Hi again Zo!
One of the times I awoke in the wee hours of the morning, I started thinking of hair some more! This time I thought of women who have lost their hair because of Chemo etc. I know several women who have gone through this.
We're praying for a sister of a dear brother in our fellowship who is dealing w/ this.
I was also reminded of a story I heard about a woman who had lost all her hair to chemo. She was at a women's gathering where there were door prizes and she won an expensive bottle of shampoo and conditioner! The story I hear is that she was very gracious about it, but I always thought it must have been just a bit awkward!
I'm thankful not to have cancer treatments to deal with and am thankful for having hairany length and I'm reminded to pray for those who have lost or are losing hair.
Sorry again for cluttering your comment section. I think MOST thoughts are meant to be shared, but I think there's a way to block commenters if you must!

Word verification is "popepi". Sounds rather appropriate?!

Zoanna said...

No apology ever needed for filling the comment box. I enjoy it all the time. Thanks for the encouragement.

As for hair, I was feeling guilty that I think too much much hair until it occurred to me that the Bible says it is a woman's glory. It's hard not to think about something glorious, whether you think of your own that way or not.

How thankful I am to have hair, for sure. It is there, and I do not have cancer. Even though it's fine and tends to frizz in the humidity, it's got natural curl so I've never spent a dime for a perm. It grows fast so is forgiving of bad cuts. It is showing just a teensy bit of grey but is overall a color I'm pleased with. It keeps my scalp warm and frames my face. All in all, so much to be thankful for and yet my sinful heart longs to be noticed every time I style it differently.

Long grey hair in a bun, Laurie Nah, never appealed to me. I think it screams "old lady". I am not a big fan of long, long hair on most people, and very few women over 40 can wear it attractively below the shoulders, in my opinion. I hope that if I start looking like a 40-something trying to be 20-something, someone will love me enough to say, "Cut it, Zo. It's a bush."

Amy said...

I think it sounds like you've accomplished a lot!

and, I thought my hubby was the only one completely apathetic about hair. it drives me crazy! I wish he DID have an opinion about what he likes best, because I have no idea what to do with mine.

zz said...

Amy, your hair is beautiful. I bet you can do a lot with it. You have that shape face that seems versatile to a bunch of different styles. I think your hair would be adorable cropped just below the chin. It would really accentuate your beautiful brown eyes.