Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Menu Plan for Points

I checked in at Home Sanctuary after my long day putting up most of my bulletin board. (My friend Sacha came up with the graphic design after I gave her the main concept. She is SO good that way. But physically assembling bulletin boards always takes me a very. long. time. Sacha, if you're reading this, let me say, birthin' your baby has taken me four hours and I'm still pushing. Hope it's "delivered" tomorrow!)

Anyhow, all that to say I just came home and looked up what Small Thing I could do today to earn points in the home. Rachel's clever idea today is to follow a nursery rhyme to get certain things done.

I did the first four this morning without even knowing that they were my Small Things --One, two, buckle my shoe--get dressed to work seriously; three, four, knock on the door-- make the entryway look good; five, six, pick up sticks--straighten up the main living area; seven, eight,lay them straight--put crooked things in order; nine, ten, a big fat hen--plan a menu. Well, I did all but the menu plan before I went to school (including mopping the kitchen because it was horrible AND someone was coming over). The menu's been in my head, more or less since Saturday, but here it is written down:

Tonight: scallops, steamed spinach with baby carrots, and garlic herbed potatoes
Weds: pasta with meat sauce and salad
Thurs: filet mignon wrapped in bacon (don't be jealous; we shop at Chesapeake Traders and get restaurant quality food for a STEAL) , steamed broccoli and rice
Friday: San Francisco Chicken, mac 'n cheese, green beans
Saturday: leftovers or breakfast for dinner
Sunday: out for lunch, leftovers for dinner

Thar she blows. i earned m'self 110 whopping points for the day. Cool.

What's in YOUR kitchen tonight?


Laurie Lynn said...

Clever Idea! (I'd probably get side-tracked and gather our nursery rhyme books to look at and realize books are out of order so start organizing but remember that call I'm supposed to make then...(You get the idea.)
So glad you're off to a good start!
As for your question, I'd like to answer that "Nobody's gonna be in my kitchen cause the kitchen is closed! Let's go out!" But I'm gearing up for sausage and pancakes. (We love breakfast foods for supper!) (Is "supper" one of those Midwest words too, I wonder or did that come with my folks from WV?)

zz said...

"Supper" is definitely both a Midwest and a southern term. My mom grew up in KS, but her mom refused to let them use the word "supper" because Granny considered it low-class or something? I never quite understood that, but my mom always used 'dinner' even when lived in KS and MO, so we girls didn't have to make the switch from "supper" to "dinner." AT least she made THAT part of moving East a tad bit easier! We still got made fun of for our drawls.