Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Finished To-Do List in Verse

Woke up at seven to clear out the van
So my daughter could take it to work
And then to a concert two hours away,
"Put gas in the tank," I warned. "Don't shirk."

Ran to Walgreens for a few personal things
Drove right on by several yard sales.
We don't need more junk, so don't open the trunk
Just go home and polish your nails.

First put on gloves to tend to the gardens
You've neglected the blooms long enough.
So gardens I weeded till my strength was depleted
Then arranged a bouquet of picked stuff.

Took a nap for a smidge, then cleaned out the gross fridge,
Organized the pantry with Joel.
Then watched him bathe "Hermie" (his young hermit crab)
By dipping the chum in a bowl.

Rounded up paper for my hubby to make
Palm branches for his Sunday School lesson.
He's quite talented with a scissors and Elmer's,
His creations don't leave you a-guessin'.

He'll send for a donkey as the children wave
Branches and cry out, "Hosanna!"
He just better not tell them to coax the ass forward
By saying, "Go! Go now, Old Miss Zoanna!"


Laurie said...

You had a surge of rhyme time energy and I enjoyed that!
Sounds like you had a productive day in the fun word play!
Have a blessed Lord's day!

Jessi said...

Very creative!! And what a productive day you had!