Thursday, September 03, 2009

Weight Weport at the 4-month Mark

Not much I want to say here. I went 3 weeks without accountability. The first week I missed on purpose because I had previously lost a respectable amount. The second week, though, we were on vacation. No accountability and a whole lotta eatin' going on. A whole lotta eatin' and a whole lotta nothin' else, too, like sleeping, sunbathing, reading, swimming (I did laps in the pool, some walking and biking, but not enough to counteract "vacation treats"), so...

I was not at all surprised to have gained weight. An ugly 2.4, to be exact. No "22 by 44" goal reached. (I had wanted to lose 22 pounds by my 44th birthday.) HowEVer, I did go shopping the last day there and bought jeans that are actually four sizes smaller than ones I wore this past year. I have not worn this size in nearly 9 years. So it was a celebration for me.

Speaking of weight, Joel had no choice but to attend my WW meeting with me y'day. The leader made us do something (as a group) that felt dumb and sounded corny. (I know, I should've felt right at home, but even I have my limits.)

Coming out of the meeting, Joel defined "corny" in a nearly-perfect way. Check it out.

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