Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction on the First Day of School

Thankfully it wasn't mine this time, and thankfully it wasn't in public. But God saved the day, yet again.

Last week I had Joel try on all his old uniforms and the new shirt and pants I bought for him. Most of them still fit. (Any takers for his old uniforms?) His shoes were just fine, too.

The one item I had forgotten to think about was the belt. So last night at bedtime I made him try it on with his pants. Well, the buckle broke. One part appeared to have snapped off from the other. I freaked out. (Doesn't take much sometimes.) He told me to calm down and watch him screw the thing back together. Smart kid. It worked.

Temporarily. As in, worked last night at 9, but not this morning at five till 8. I really wanted him in full uniform for my obsessive photo shoot on the lawn, and to be properly attired for school, but the belt simply wouldn't do the job. I glanced into my closet, don't know why, didn't remember ever having an extra belt for him. Lo and behold, hanging in full view, was a small belt, just his size. "Praise the Lord!" I shouted. "How did this get in here? I don't remember that you ever had two belts."

So, we got the belt taken care of and he was good to go. Missed having a first-day-of-second-grade photo shoot, but I have no one to blame but myself.

As for his attitude toward school, I wish I could find a spare "happy
'tude" hanging in the closet. Some mornings there are worse things than not being able to find a piece of one's wardrobe.

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Laurie Lynn said...

Having to say goodbye to summer vacation and go to school may not put many boys in a good mood or attitude!
I wonder if girls look way more forward to such things! I think I ususally did, but the uniform and a missing belt may have ruffled me a bit! Second grade was one of my best years of grade school though!
Fun find in your closet! I think I would have "belted" out a "Praise the Lord!" too!