Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mental Meanderings

Nothing cohesive about what's been going on between my ears. Hence the title of this post. But I do enjoy the fact that God made our brains capable of both concentrating and also firing a hundred thoughts a minute in all directions.

Here are some of my mental meanderings just today.

1. I started the day reading I Peter 1: 17-19 (I think it was). I've been trying to journal this chapter in an expository way, meditating on just one or two or three verses at a time. Today I was dwelling on the part that says that for your sakes He was made manifest. To think again that He condescended to become human, and wasn't allowed to die a natural death, but was born to die a brutal death, but most importantly to be raised from the dead so that my faith and hope would be in God. I asked for Him to help me think of His suffering more than I do about my own and to remember his resurrection every time I remember His death. His glory didn't stop at the cross.

2. Figured out a mnemonic device yesterday to help me remember something. UTAP is the order in which 4 countries in the Middle East run north to south: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan. No, it's not eternally significant, but it's helpful in the here in now, in case I ever end up in the Cash Cab or something. I shared this mnemonic device and it helped them nail their tests! I am so proud of how many of them knew the whole map of that area!

3. What cure is there for a bruised kneecap? I think that's what it is. It hurts to bend, but is fine extended. Ice and ibuprofen are my am/pm friends.

4. I am so ready for heaven.


Laurie said...

Hi Zoanna!
1. Amen!
2. How very helpful! Our daughter's memorized (HOMES) to help remember the Great Lakes.
3. So sorry about the kneecap. Ouch!! Mike cracked his kneecap in our early marriage. He just had to hobble around on a crutch for awhile. I'm wondering if ice and ibuprofen are the friends, but "time is the cure"?
4. Amen. Amen.

Laurie said...

Edit Schmedit!!
I'm going to stop editing AFTER a comment, at least maybe I am.
I know "daughter's" doesnt't need and apostrophe, but it got one anyway. Oh dear me. I hope grace is extended in my rush of communicating and in my ignorance!

Laurie said...

Oh never mind!!
I give up!!

zz said...

Laurie, I was thinking "our daughter has memorized" so it didn't strike me as wrong. Relax. I am not feeling like a grammar Nazi today anyway. It's the weekend, so I'm off the clock! (I'm off the wall, too.)

Laurie said...

Whew! Thanks for you grace, at least for the weekend! Hmmm. I wonder if there's something in the air that's making us both "off the wall"!