Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Summer Project:: Linen Closet Clean-out

I'm happy to announce yet another project moved from my "to do" list to my "ta-da!" list.

This picture is a "during" shot of my linen closet clean-out. I started to take a "before" shot, but chickened out . Just couldn't expose to the world the worst closet mess I'd seen in a long time. The door wouldn't even shut.

Sadly, the real motivator for cleaning the closet was not shame or order, but pain. When I needed three little Band-aids (see post below) and couldn't find them among the chaos known as the linen closet-- where we store also lightbulbs, medicines, cleaning supplies, and a vast array of orthopaedic helps--I knew I had to do something. Next time it could be Benadryl someone needs for hives.

And besides, judging from the overabundance of bedsheets in this closet, you might think we run a bed and breakfast or homeless shelter. I needed to get a grip.

So I got rid of all the sheets that weren't part of a set, and kept only a few spare pillowcases because I change them more often than I change all the sheets. I made a few new labels. Determined to use up the travel size toiletries instead of buying more shampoo and conditioner all the time.

Not that I love the look, but I sure do like the practical
convenience of this sheet-storing method: fold all sheets and matching pillowcases of a set within one of the matching pillowcases. That way you know it's all together and you can grab the whole set out at once. I now also travel this way when sheets are required to take. ( Got that helpful tip from my friend Laurie R. )

Ta-da! Linen closet is done!

Now if I need a Band-aid, I can find one. Anyone can, which is a beauty of organization. And, yes, there is still your pick of orthopedic helps--slings, ace bandages,
knee braces, wrist supporters, pelvic girdle. You got bones out of whack? See us. We probably have your remedy in stock, free of charge .


Laurie said...

Great work in a difficult to organize area!
Labeling is a great idea!
Sheets! Gotta have 'em, but what a buncha material to organize! "Ya can't have too many" does not seem to apply to sheets as far as storing and maintaining! Main thing is having a set to put on while you're washing the set you've taken off! Ridding out too many sheets has been SO HELPFUL to me!
Yes. Pillowcases get changed more often, so more are needed! Anyway. It looks great and getting to the Band-aids does come in handy!
Yea! for getting it done!

Kelly said...

I love, love, love the linen closet! (How often do I say that??) Love the idea of the sheets in the pillowcase, love the labeling, love the peace and calm sensation I get from looking at order and organization. Thanks for the inspiration, Zo!

zz said...

Kelly, I bet yours looks orderly all the time. OR am I still keeping you on a pedestal when I envision that?

Thanks. I'm glad you're inspired . Still find it odd that you are.

Amy said...

from "to-do" to "ta-da"--I like it!