Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fun Email Exchange

It's not every day you get someone's personal email in poetic verse. But yesterday I got one from Toby and Kelly, which amused me to no end, and I had to reply in kind.

Here goes the exchange:

Dear friends,

Toby's got a new cell,
and Kelly has one as well.
So to give us a call,
you'd best be on the ball;
take care not slumber,
but use our new number.
So update your contacts,
then sit back and relax;
that's all that needs doing
- please leave off the booing

My poetry is poor; Christ's love is perfect,
love in Christ,

to which I replied...

Someone's got time
To make up a rhyme
That he judges poor at best.
But it made me smile--
it's an email with style--
My inbox has surely been blessed.

I'll make a note
of the changes you wrote
and will keep your rhyme in my drafts,
But don't be surprised
If I call you, disguised
As a publisher wanting your crafts!


To which Kelly replied,

"You worry me - truly. :) "

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