Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mother's Day Creations

Perhaps nothing made my art students more elated than hearing me say, "Today we're going to paint!"

I would lean into the "ugly cabinet" (a long, old, unpainted thing that Cheryl and I couldn't find a better name for) and pull out a big Rubbermaid tote containing their art smocks. Old cotton shirts splattered with dry paint from previous fun projects, rolled up and ready to go again. I miss those smocks. Each one represents a student and the creativity that emerged, their voices chatting away as they mixed colors and applied tempera and talked about life from their young perspectives.

The highlight of painting this year (or at least for me, a mom) was seeing the Mother's Day pot that each student painted. Every child, it seems, loves to make something for Mom. All I did was buy the pots, gather supplies, and spread out some dropcloths. Well, I did end up making a pink pot with dots for a girl who was sick that week and wouldn't have time to create a gift pot on her own. I also picked purple dianthus from my garden .It was going great guns in May, and so God provided flowers for the kids' pots without anyone spending a dime.

As I sat on my porch and handled each painted pot, filling them with soil, I marveled at the variety of personalities. One child saw the importance of putting the date on his. Another's careful lettering was of utmost concern. Still another thought his patriotic mom would appreciate red, white, and blue stripes. Kids are so thoughtful. Some are truly confident, "My mom is gonna LOVE this!" or "I can't wait till she she sees this!" and some wonder ,"Do you think she'll like this? I kind of messed up on this part." (That made me choke up. How often do I wonder, "Will God like me? I kind of messed up today." And then I realize, of COURSE. I'm His child! In the middle of trying to please him, I do "mess up" and yet He is immeasurably pleased not so much by the things I do as by the relationship we have and my "can't wait!" desire to be with Him.)

Securing the roots into the soil, I pondered the growth and potential of each of my students, the grace of God in their lives . I have been humbled by their quickness to forgive. To recognize their own sin. To pray for one another and the people that are on their hearts. To encourage each other. To want to excel, not settle. To give, not hoard. To be thankful ,not grumbling . I learned an incredible lot from them .

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Danielle said...

Aw, they look so cheerful and colorful!