Friday, July 30, 2010

A Baker's Dozen of Meals Planned

Some of the things on here sound fancy or gourmet. If so, they are probably from my favorite grocery place which is a food warehouse that gets restaurant grade food for below-grocery store prices. So I figure, why buy plain Jane when I don't have to?

3-Way Wings (BBQ, Old Bay, hot)-two nights ago
Lasagna (last night, from scratch)
Leftovers (tonight)
"Perfect Pulled Pork" sammies-(Sat)from Food Network mag
Steak w/ Roasted Veggies (Sun)
2-Alarm Chili (Mon)
Chicken Broccoli Bake (Tues)
Leftovers (Weds)
Shrimp w/ Tempura Veggies (Thurs)
Barb's Ham Loaf (Fri)
Grilled Salmon w/ Dill rub (Sun)
Veggie Quiche (Mon)


Karen said...

what time is dinner? Do you have room for 5 more at your table? :)
Miss you friend.

Laurie said...

Yeah. What time is dinner?!
I love that you have a plan! I've had an "Oh my! Look at the time! Pull It Together Fast!" or "Call Mike to pick up take-out tacos"!! plan lately! (Thankfully Mike is flexible!) And thankfully we've had some nice surplus homegrown tomatoes given to us lately that have made delicious BLTs!

Zoanna said...

Well, I am having pizza at church tonight (helping to decorate a set for Summer Blast). Guests and the rest of the fam have to fend for themselves, unless you want to help w/ set dec!

I don't know if I'll stick to this plan (doubtful) but at least I'm thinking.

I left off Crab Mac 'n Cheese and also Teriyaki Beef Kabobs .Woops! They will happen Sunday and push the rest down 2 days.

Danielle said...

Ooo, I love ham loaf! We used to get a really good one up in Lancaster when we lived there!

krista said...

Gene Wenger's Hamloaf rocks!!!
I've never made my own. Scratch that. I did make something called "Mock Hamloaf" once which called for grinding up hotdogs. Um, yeah. Key word in that sentence: ONCE

Who is this Barb and will she share her recipe? :o)

I like your plan Zo!
If I don't meal plan things get ugly. I'm serious.

zz said...

Barb is my BFF in Ks. I get to see her on Aug 31 for a whole week! If I have time, I'll share her recipe.