Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Basement "Makeover"

Really our basement just got new carpet and paint, and our old family room furniture became our new basement furniture. But the completed project feels like an entire makeover.

Plus, it was an awful lot of work for Paul and Ben .My contribution was helping get the room under the stairs dejunked of all my arts and crafts stuff, keep iced tea coming, make color decisions, and offer "atta boys" along the way.

I could not find good "before pictures." Suffice it to say the berber carpet was badly stained and snagged.

View from the kitchen, down to the basement:

The walls were beige with a pink undertone. Not on purpose. It was just a bad call on my part several years ago to not change the color after four square feet of it looked pinkish beige. We didn't like it from the get-go, but economy won out. Lesson learned: Change your paint, even if you've spent $100 on it. If you hate it from the start, it won't grow on you. You'll respond to it emotionally the same way every time. Color affects emotions too much to make a five-year mistake with it.

Sherwin Williams color: Mega Greige, SW 7031
Paint: Behr Ultra Premium with Primer (color-matched to SW swatch)

Carpet: a nylon frieze (free-zay) from Luna. Ben made the final carpet choice when I was "stuck" between two. He's a great salesman (much better than the Luna salesman), able to reason people like me "over the hump" of indecision. This carpet feels comfy underfoot and adds a wonderful texture to the otherwise smooth surfaces everywhere.

View from the landing:

Lest you think the Renoir print of the dancing couple
is our idea of "man cave "decor, let me assure you otherwise. I bought it years ago for a dollar because I like Renoir, but it's the ideal size to conceal our junction box!

I keep hoping it will inspire ballroom dancing the way the treadmill inspires 10K running.

View into the 7x8' music room

which used to be my craft room/art room/junk room

I got choked up taking this photo. I really miss my drummer. He should be sitting here. Can't wait for him to come home and bring back some NOISE. (Feel my forehead. Is this me talking?)

Our walk-out basement offers a lot of natural light.

I still don't know quite how to decorate this space. The guys are happy just to have a remote, some chow, a drink, and the TV .

I'm up for hearing decorating ideas. Our style is pretty simple.

So ends, for now, my Summer Tour of Homes.


Danielle said...

Wow, you guys sure have been busy with makeovers! Way to go!

Jessi said...

LOVE it Zo!! Looks very inviting! Good job! I just love makeovers!

Mrs. Dana said...

Yes! Very nice. I love the fresh feel after new paint. I would love to just get to the part where my books and craft/ sewing things are all organized...!