Friday, April 04, 2014

D is for Danforth Chapel Proposal

Danforth Chapel on the grounds of KU.   I lifted the image from
Google and I imagine the chapel looked much this way in late
March, when the following event took place in 1961.


Share a memory about the way you proposed to Mama.

Three weeks and three days after our first date,  my sister Belva married Jim Chang, a dental student, at Danforth Chapel on the KU campus.   I was the soloist.  Brenda was my date.  The event was quite romantic.

After the wedding.  Brenda and I  were sitting together and I spontaneously erupted, "I would like you to be my wife."  

She replied, "I would love to be your wife and the mother of your children."

Since we had been dating for only 3+ weeks, we felt it best to not announce an engagement just yet.  But soon our friends learned. A few weeks passed, we purchased rings, and  we went to Danforth Chapel for the placement of the diamond on her finger and the "formal" proposal.

Once formally engaged, our guy friends ushered the gang to the center of the campus and threw me in--a  KU tradition at the time of engagement.


Eileen T said...

What a lovely memory and thanks for sharing it with us.

Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing the A to Z Challenge)

F Kay said...

Such a sweet story

Susan Kane said...

a family memory to cherish