Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Youthful Goals

This is one of my favorite pages (number 94)  in the whole legacy book that my dad wrote.   Not only does the content make my heart swell--to know how many of my father's dreams he realized (and these were written in 1999)--but his organized, methodical, structured analysis (and underlined conclusions) of those dreams makes me nod and say to myself, "Yup. That's Daddy for ya."  Gushy husband, proud father, humble pastor, brilliant engineer.

The question at the top of the page reads as such:

What were your youthful goals and ambitions for life? Which ones have you been able to fulfill?

Daddy said,

I aspired to a good life filled with happiness.  I wanted a good, professional job, a beautiful wife, lovely and loving children/grandchildren, a home with yard and trees, and a good education.   All these came to be fulfilled
                              I wanted to work for God and be pleasing to Him. I wanted respect. I wanted a car that didn't have to be cranked or pushed to get it started.  I wanted to be able to travel. 
All these have, to a good degree, been fulfilled. 

I wanted to serve in the Army. I wanted to be a scientist and inventor.  I wanted to become an athlete of renown.   I scored a 10, a 5, and a 0 on these respective ambitions. 

I can't boast very much about my accomplishments, but I can boast about the goodness of God, the loving relationship of my wife, Brenda, and my progeny.  No man has been blessed more than me!

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Sandy said...

Oh...no wonder you felt hurt that folks didn't respond. I find this beautiful, spiritual and very worthwhile. What an awesome man you Dad is/was? I list Mom 5 yers ago, but am still blessed to have my Daddy.