Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Starting a New Life Together

I appreciate the following words from my father  because they show a range of emotions that he felt on his wedding day.

Tell me about your wedding day.  What happened? How did you feel? Were you nervous, scared, happy? 

Our wedding day...was windy--not uncommon in Kansas.  The wedding came off smoothly and beautifully.   As a part of the ceremony we sang a duet "Seal us,  Oh Holy Spirit."  We had many emotions to deal with.  I had been offered a job [in] Maryland, and had negotiated a starting date after the wedding.  

The wedding marked not only the beginning of a life together, but it marked the saying of "goodbye" to friends, family, and other ties.  As we left the church, friends followed our soaped, tin-can-ridden '61 Dodge Lancer--all a-tootin'.  I was too successful in letting them chase--we lost them within five short minutes.  We then drove to Brenda's house, packed the car, said goodbye to tearful eyes, and set out for Maryland, our new home. 

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Susan Kane said...

There had been an ice storm the week before our wedding on 12/23/72 (between semesters). The roads were finally passable a few days before. Our first Christmas together in our apartment is a wonderful memory.