Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Uh-Oh at KU

Once again I am copying questions and answers from a blank journal that my dad wrote for me.
The journal is called "A Father's Legacy."  Yesterday I wrote of a tragedy in his life; today I will include a fun little triumph and a bit o' celebrity.

If you're middle aged or older, you might recognize the celebrity. My dad tutored the 7'1" basketball star in college algebra at the University of Kansas.  But basketball and math weren't the only ways my father was linked to the Jayhawks' (and Harlem Globetrotters') iconic figure back in the day.

1956 Kansas WILT CHAMBERLAIN Glossy 8x10 Photo College Basketball Print

         Describe an unforgettable experience that took place during your college years. 

One experience stands out at the KU dormitory.  Our dorm was filled with athletes and a few non-athletes like me. One night I was met by 3 or 4 angry fraternity brothers from across the street . They said someone had been shooting a BB gun at their fraternity house and they intended to stop it.

A large football player from my dorm joined me and firmly told them to go back to where they came from.  They didn't want to tangle with him--he looked mean, and big.  They left.

We checked into it and found out that it had been Wilt Chamberlain who had done the shooting.

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Susan Kane said...

What? Is there a sense of entitlement in the huge potentially successful athletes? So disappointed to know about Wilt Chamberlain.