Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poof! My Hodgepodge Vanished!

I went back to edit my post because somehow I had deleted a question . I had the answer but hit "publish" without realizing it.

Then, in the process of editing, I must have deleted the whole post. It's gone! Can't find it anywhere. A couple people commented before I did that stupid move. Thank you!

Oh, well. Life goes on.

Have you ever accidentally deleted a whole post?


Sally Henry said...

Oh how sad... and here I was, hoping for some Zoanna Hodgepodge joy to brighten my morning! Oh well - you got a "Sigh, yep, been there and done that" from me instead! Love you... thank you for the virtual hugs yesterday - I definitely needed them.

April said...

What a bummer, but I've done the same thing before. Made me so mad at myself, but what can you do?

Susan Kane said...

Have sadly done this. I shook my head with great sorrow. Then tried to recreate it.

The first version is always brilliant. The second is always a mere shadow of the first.

Lea said...

Oh, this did happen to me one time and it was Hodgepodge and it aggravated the daylites out of me! I never did figure out what happened but like your, it just vanished into thin air. Ugh!