Tuesday, April 08, 2014

G is for Gutsy

Day 7
Letter G
Theme: My daddy's words

Important thing to know before reading this:  Daddy has never had a drop of alcohol in his life.  He is 79 years old and it is anathema to him.  He holds just a few very strong convictions, but abstaining from alcohol is one of them.  As a chaplain and pastor, he has heard countless stories of how alcohol has ruined lives, families, careers, and reputations.  He has seen it firsthand.  

One year, when he working for the federal government as an engineer, Daddy got "fed up" with the expectation that everyone should attend the Christmas party and that everyone should have to buy the ticket that included alcohol.  Daddy didn't believe that alcohol should be present in the first place. He was willing to take his stand in front of the head hauncho.

Question: What is the gutsiest thing you ever did in your life?  Why did you do it?

Answer:  The gutsiest thing I ever did , I suppose, was to ask my management to leave out alcoholic beverages at a Christmas party.  At first they tried to blow me off by siding with the large majority who wanted to include alcohol. 

Bosses finally arranged for me to talk to the commander.  When we met, he was angry at me.  I made my case strongly.  He asked me to get out of his office, or better--ordered me to get out. 

I was surprised to learn that he then directed that there would be no alcohol. 

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Lea said...

Way to go Dad!!!! Love it!