Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Migraine from Missing the Man?

Yesterday marked the third migraine Joel has had that's been severe enough to make him throw up. It also was third time that corresponded to one of Paul's business trips. Joel's first migraine about six weeks ago happened on Paul's day trip up to Boston. The second he was in Florida for four days. Yesterday he was in Atlanta for the day. All three times, Joel has developed a migraine in school, and sometime around dinner he has "lost his cookies."

Can someone tell me if this is a common tendency with migraines? In other words, can even the change in routine for a day (ie not seeing Dad and riding to school with him) upset one's system so much that he vomits from a headache? I am thinking that I won't tell Joel the next time Paul takes a day trip. I'll say he left early for work and will be home late; that's the truth without the whole airport news.

Or could this more likely be mere coincidence?


Jessi said...

I really don't have an answer for your questions, but found your post keenly interesting, as my 8 year old also just experienced another migraine on Sunday night. I've also been wracking my brain to figure out what might be the cause, and wondering if it is stress. His seem to be somewhat random, though the first one was a year ago at the beginning of the little league baseball season and the season is now beginning again. The funny thing is that he LOVES baseball, plays well, is pretty confident...and this year is even with the same boys and coaches he got to know last year. So...I'm sort of just wondering what could be up. His also are severe, and end up with vomiting. He's only had a few, but the progression has been the same every time and now is as predictable as clockwork. Starts with a headache, then intensifies to severe pain in his eye; he throws up and gets some relief; pain re-intensifies til he ends up tossing it all again, and then he sleeps really long. It's kind of frustrating that I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to the cause though.

Zoanna said...

Jessi, from what I've read, your son's trigger might be seasonal. Apparently the headaches can be reactions to a certain "allergen" if you will. Perhaps the grass, or spores, sometimes even too much sunlight. Does he eat or drink anything different when he goes to baseball, like sports drinks? I'm trying to track the days of the week JOel has gotten them (no pattern thus far) what he eats and drinks (but his migraines have been too far apart; it's not like he gets the same lunch every day, he's got quite a variety). But you probably should get your son to a doctor since they're happening regularly. That's no way to live.
If Joel has another severe one, I'm taking him to the dr. I know there's a family hx here; how about w/ yours?

Zoanna said...

I meant even w/ a few headaches, you see a progression.

Anonymous said...

No direct answer to the migraine cause, but an empathetic prayer for answers.
Our daughter sometimes gets these headaches to the point of throwing-up, laying her low and impairing vision. Not as much as a child, but as a young adult. She thinks they have two causes:
1. Stress (which is hard to avoid!)
2. An unaligned spine(Chriropractics have helped.)

Vicki said...

As a fellow migraine sufferer, I would say he has himself worked up and could be stress/worry. Also if you eat differently when you husband isn't home, maybe a food is triggering it. It is really good you are keeping a record.

I will be praying for the little guy...

Laurie said...

Is the man back home?
Is Joel better today?
Love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Yes. He was only gone for the day (but Joel didn't see him before he left and was asleep when he got home). He's been fine since.Thanks for the prayers and for asking.