Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Let There be Lamps

I'm in a redecorating mood--again. Is there anything that says "change it up" quite like spring? Even though I'm fighting a cold or allergies or something that is sapping my bodily energy, my mind is jumping from project to project. The first thing I want to tackle is a change of lamp in my family room. The one beside my recliner is downright ugly. Don't I value myself enough to not keep Ugly in my view? What's wrong with me?

I think I'll spray paint Mr. Ugly Lamp and see if he looks any better. He'll be a black man when I'm done with him. What color hat should I put on him? It's currently red. If he doesn't do anything more for me in black skin, out he goes.

I spotted two nice lamps in the Five Star Consignment Shop today (a place near home) that would be so much fun to use. One is cool because it's a sleek metal, geometric base. The other is fun because it has a little black door that opens to a cubby with two shelves. What's more fun that being able to look inside a secret space? It would even stash clutter in a pinch (not that I have clutter. Ahem!).

What decorating item are you especially prone to collect, change, or otherwise obsess over from time to time?


Laurie said...

Hmmm. I like stuff, but I'm not bent on just certain specific stuff, though for awhile I seemed to pick up unusual purses, bags and baskets and use them in decorating. I almost always look at coffee cups. I don't display them, but I could get carried away... However, I occasionally go through and rid out and try to keep only what I have room for.
How did the black work on your lamp?

zz said...

I like purses, too, but I have seriously curbed my penchant for them.

The lamp is in the garage. I think it will look better than it did in emerald ugly green, but if I still don't like it, it's outta here! It's a good height, but I will need to change the shade ocver as well, something I always intend to do (because it looks fun and easy) but always put off.

zz said...

I meant to say it actually DOES look better now that I've blackened it but not sure it fully redeems the thing. Jo-Ann's has some gorgeous home dec remnants for 2 bucks (about 12 inches square, samplers from Waverly) that would look great on the shade if I can find enough of one pattern to work with.

Laurie said...

Good for you for trying to redeem that lamp, but if it is "unredeemable" I hope you find a suitable replacement! Sometimes a near perfect accent lamp is just the thing!