Sunday, April 04, 2010

Missing the Celebration of the Resurrection

This is the first Easter in a very long time that I have not spent rejoicing with gobs of saints to celebrate the Risen Lamb, Jesus Christ, in church.

I am sick today. Coughing, sneezing, aching. But wanting to be in the company of my church family very much. I debated going, armed with Kleenexes and cough drops, but that would not be very loving of me. Who wants to sit close to a cougher? Joel keeps saying, as I grab a tissue, "Look out! She's gonna blow!" My boy's sense of humor is such good medicine.
He, too, is sick today, though on the mend. Paul thought it would be best for him to stay home and rest with me.

My loving husband got up and made a breakfast sausage casserole. I love that stuff--hearty and satisfying. It also tastes extra good while I'm looking at the white roses my daughter and little son bought for me yesterday. How thoughtful they were to cheer me up that way!

Though I couldn't be with the saints in body today, I was there in spirit. I am praising Jesus for redeeming my life from the pit. For forgiving all my transgressions. For loving me the way I am but not willing to let me stay that way. For giving me his Holy Spirit to teach me the mysteries that would otherwise be hidden from my understanding. For convicting me of sin when I commit it. For blessing me with more blessings than I could ever count. For preparing an eternal Home for me. For giving me hope, and a future. For healing me in body, mind, and soul. For His Presence always and forever.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!

I only wish I could glory in my Redeemer in the sanctuary I love so much.


Danielle said...

Sorry you missed the service, it was packed out! But I'm glad you had a wonderful personal time with our Savior.

Laurie said...

Blah. So sorry you couldn't meet with the church, but glad you met with God anyway!