Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm very much a student of people. I love to learn what makes people the way they are. My question today is about skills and also the lack thereof. I'm curious to know what skills you learned as a child or young adult that you can directly attribute to your parents. (In other words, we've all learned something from the school of hard knocks, or from other people, or from books, and so forth, but I am especially curious to hear what your parents taught you that you're thankful for.)

This is not meant to be a "brag on yourself" list, but a "thank my mom and/or dad" thing.

So, please comment in the box about 5 things you learned from them.

Then name 5 things you wish you had learned, which they may have tried or not tried to teach you, for whatever reason. Not to blame them, but to show your weaknesses lest anyone be jealous of your strengths in isolation.

I'll start.

5 Skills Learned from my Parents:

1. how to play an instrument (piano)
2. how to appreciate other cultures
3. how to read
4. how to express my thoughts verbally and in writing
5. how to fix nutritious meals and make them pretty

5 Skills I Didn't Learn

1. the value of physical exercise
2. punctuality
3. better conflict resolution
4. how to say "no" without feeling guilty
5. to be able to concentrate when it's noisy


Becoming a Morrison said...

I started to write my response and "skills", but found very quickly that my comment had become toooooo I posted my answers on my blog....

Laurie said...

Skills learned:
I learned to water ski (on two skis) They could slalom ski (one ski) and do tricks. I can’t ski now…
I learned to work and like it.
I learned to love dirt and growing things
I learned to laugh at myself
I learned to listen to and love family stories by hearing Mom and Dad share about their lives.

Skills I didn’t learn:
“You know, like
nunchuku skills,
bow hunting skills,
computer hacking skills…”
(Okay. That was supposed to be a joke. That’s from Napoleon Dynamite and I may incriminate myself because I even watched the movie and sort of remembered the line. )
Singing (Though I still remember a song my Dad used to sing.)
Punctuality! (They tried, but too late!)
Sewing skills
Trusting Christ (I guess that’s more a gift than a skill, but by honoring Him we learn to trust Him…) Praying still.

2cats said...

First time here. I like this idea.
Five things I learned:
My love of books.
My love of matter how badly it is still a joyful noise.
My love of cats.
My love of music.
My love of baking.
Five things I did not learn:
Money management

P.S. Thought i would tell you that the word verification is daysing.

Jessi said...

hmmm....5 is a lot of think of, but I'll give it a shot...

5 Learned:

1. To laugh til I cry
2. To cook...not gourmet, or a lot of different things, but good, homecooked, old-fashioned family dinners
3. To give lots of affection
4. To respect authority
5. That marriage is forever

5 NOT Learned:
1. To keep house well
2. How to not take offense easily
3. Hospitality
4. How to not be sarcastic (or rather, I learned sarcasm, but it wasn't gonna make the good learned skills list)
5. Healthy eating or exercise habits