Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Meal Plan

Monday: chicken broccoli bake
Tuesday: venison/bacon burgers
Wednesday: crab cakes with asparagus
Thursday: Mexican OR Karen's pork tenderloin in the Crock Pot
Friday--out to celebrate Sarah's b'day
Saturday-chicken Tandoori
Sunday: leftovers


Laurie said...

You tryin to make me hungry?!
Great meal plan!

Leanne said...

do you have a good crab cake recipe?

Danielle said...

Mmm, crab cakes and asparagus! And I might have to get your port tenderloin in the crock pot recipe!

zz said...

Leanne, I have an excellent crab cake recipe. It takes slightly longer than anything I've tried before it, but so worth it. The extra step is basically searing the crab cakes in oil with chopped onion in s saute pan first, to give it the crispness. The recipe came right off the side of the can of Pan Royal crab meat from Ches Traders. I failed to write it down, so I hope I can find more of the same brand again! The whole family called them "The best yet!"

Laurie, I'm making myself hungry just re-reading this the next day:0

Danielle, you might try searching Karen's blog for it or asking her. Looks like I didn't post it.