Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Prayer Request, but not for Myself

My mom is in the hospital again. She was sent to the ER on Thursday after her routine bloodwork showed abnormally low hematocrit. So low, in fact, they suspect internal bleeding.

Daddy called me Thursday night to say he had to be at the Philly airport at 7:30 the next morning, so could I be on standby to pick Mama up and take her home if she was released? Yes, I said, with Sarah's help, sure. He was going up to Philly to pick up houseguests from.....Russia!
Birobidjhan to be exact. (If you remember, my folks were packing for Biro when Mama was admitted for kidney stones last month.) I teased Daddy, "You know, you oughta just tell Upper Chesapeake to book her for the last Thursday of every month. It'd save a lot of time and paperwork."

When I didn't hear from him yesterday (Friday) I assumed all was well. Didn't call there for the sake of their jetlagged house guests. But Mama called this morning to say she is still in the ER, and will be receiving three units of blood today to get her levels up. She is not dizzy, confused , or in pain. Daddy was, of course, not with her but at church, leading shabbat service and letting the Birobidjani couple have the mic for special reports on what the Lord is doing over there.

My mom told me to keep bugging my doctor's office. "That's what they expect. That if you're desperate, you'll call every day. So call Monday, Tuesday, every day." I began to weep. Hate to do that when your mom is getting ready for a transfusion, but still your mom is your mom, your comforter.

" Mama, I just want someone to assure me I'm not gonna die from blood loss!" She told me I won't, but it may come to an emergency surgery if I can't get the Dr's attention.
And then she said, "Keep trusting that you're safe under God's wing. That you are right where you're supposed to be. I'll be praying His blessings on you."

Thanks, Mama. I needed that. It was the updraft I needed to catch as I fly toward a medical mountain.


Jessi said...

I left a comment last night, but not sure what happened to it. I am praying for comment last night basically agree w/your mom...I would think this classifies as an emergency, and I'd call every day, or ask if they prefer I go to the ER!! I can't believe if they knew the severity of what you are experiencing they wouldn't fit you in ASAP!!

Zoanna said...

True, true. I am so happy to report that, as of an hour ago, it appears my trouble has subsided, but could be becasue I've upped the iron pills and iron rich foods, plus haven't been taxing my body with carrying luggage, doing steps w/ laundry, or walking around big cities. I will be a bloodhound (haha!) until the dr's office says, "come in" or go to the ER. I don't want to do the ER, of course, because this is routine surgery for any gyn, it's just not routine bleeding for ME! Thanks for concern.