Thursday, June 07, 2007

When's the last time You Shared the Whole Gospel?

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Once again, when I sat down to practice explaining the gospel by means of the color coded bead bracelet that every child we meet in Russia will get, I was staring in the face of forgetfulness. Oh, I can go through the meaning of each color, but to hook the exact scripture reference with it? Well, I am rusty to say the least. Thank God salvation doesn't depend on being able to quote chapter and verse. I remember a fun thing we did in Harford Christian School, where I went from fifth thru tenth grades. It was called Bible Quiz Team. You had to memorize something like 100 verses verbatim and audition to be on the team, and in the spring was the intramural competitions. Not just Bible , but all kinds of academic and music and speech stuff. I didn't make the team; I think I bombed out after about 5 rounds which included 60 verses. Of course KJV was the only version accepted at the school, but I must admit, I love the sound of the KJV. Anyway, I didn't win the blue ribbon, but how good it was to have those words of eternal life planted in my heart when I was young.

But I digress. Man! I can't even talk about talking about the gospel without digressing. Devilish scheme!!! But I serve the Victor. The Word Himself. He asks us to hide His Word in our hearts so that we might not sin against him. (Some of us on the team lost sight of that verse, I think, or at least its meaning. We functioned under the purpsoe of hiding verses in our heart so that we could beat Arlington Baptist.)

Tonight went and bought what I think is the last of our friendship gifts. I can get so carried away shopping for people who can't afford the little luxuries like lip gloss, hand cream, and a manicure set. I bought a harmonica, too. Seriously, Not at Bath & Body Works, tho.

Which doesn't belong in this list? Hand cream, manicure set, lip gloss, harmonica. Well, Class?

Why is "harmonica" not a wrong answer? ? Because, as I asked the Lord what to take one of the dinner host families , I sensed He said, ""Get a harmonica. They need music in the house." So , odd at it was, I went into Music Land and bought a harmonica for $6.95. I wanted 100 kazoos, too, but they were a buck apiece!

Tuesday was glorious. Pics coming soon. The FedEx man trudged under the weight of a fifty pound suitcase he delivered to our door. It was from the Global Aid Warehouse in Mount Joy, PA. How apt the name, Mount Joy, I thought. There were 100 Beanie bears with gospel bead necklaces tied around around their necks which I heaped high for pictures; it gave them some fresh air, and you know what? I thought I heard one of them squeal, "Oh, joy!" There were also 35 mini shampoos, about 20 baseball caps, 15 gospel aprons for the kitchen workers, and letters for customs about the contents being for humanitarian aid. The only problem? The suitcase is not on wheels. It's one of those old, old kinds with a short, vinyl handle. I may have mercy on Sarah and find a wheeled one dirt cheap to save her back. Ordinarily I would also be toting a mission suitcase, but I declared medical reasons for needing a light one, and they opted to not send one. Yay for me, I get to pick out my own lightweight gifts for my 2nd checked bag!

Okay, Okay. I'm going to bed. Will post pics later.

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