Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ER Visit Last Night; Party Today

Jsut a quick update. I don't have time for this but need the prayer.

I couldn't get any GYN to see me as a new patient before August 1st, I was falling apart emoitionally. Called my prayer warrior friend Therese who I can always count on to warmly receive my calls and, because of being a PT, has certain medical connections that make her a walking gift in times like these. Besides, she is the one person who always asks, "Are you okay?" and I fall apart. It's like the Spirit of God connects with my rawest (most raw?) feelings when SHE asks the questions. Then she had words of scripture and a verbal prayer on the spot. Then she told me the best bet was the ER where tests could be run and treatment advised, questions answered right away.

Sarah dropped me off, Paul showed up a little later.

The first thrill/scare I had was when I asked the nurse, "Did you run a test to see if I'm pregnant." When she said, "Yes" I said, "I am?" and whirled around to Paul who was stunned, but quickly the nurse yes, 'Yes I ran the test, but no you're not pregnant." Whew. A brief thrill, but considering my condition resembled a miscarriage, I was VERY relieved. Not to mention Paul's relief because let's just said it would have defied the odds. Nuff said 'bout that.

They did a sonogram. The diagnosis is Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB for the ZUB, Bonnie teased.) Basically it's unexplained, common, and treatable thing that women of any age can get. They put me on progesterone to stop it, and want me to follow up when I get back. May need a D&C. But we'll cross that bridge after I've crossed the Atlantic the second time.

I am hosting the OGW Welcome Home Party tonight. I got home at 1 this morning , got a good ngiht's sleep, woke at 6:45 and went out for Rx. I feel weak, tired, snappy at the kids. The party decorations did not arrive in the mail from Oriental Trading. Supposed to have arrived y'day, so I need to make a trip out for patriotic tablecloths and stuff. I am excited, but drained. The scripture God has led me to thru my own quiet time, plus words from Bonnie, Therese, and Vicki, have had a theme: being carried on eagles' wings. Psalm 91 and Isaiah 40:31. I found out thru study that eagles have 350,000 cartilage like thingies in each wing that makes them so strong. I needed that image last night when I was in the ER, adn thanked God I had it.

The ER team of St. Joe's was wonderful. All very nice and attentive and professional. All got along well with each other. A nun spoke at 9 over the loud speaker,"Let us pray. Good night , Lord, and thank you for keeping us safe another day. Bless us and refresh us as we sleep and wake us refreshed tomorrow." That is soemthing you don't hear at most hospitals in this country. It was so peaceful.

More prayers coming. Pray my BIL is blessed with a memorable, honoring party tonight.

PS I'm not gonna edit this. It is waht it is.


Briana Almengor said...

Zo, Just wanted to let you know that since I read your last post when you let us know about your Luke 5:25 problem (very clever way of putting it btw), I have been praying for you and asking God for some specific encouragement for you for this week and for your trip.

I'm so glad to hear that you did get some medical attention before you left. I trust that will be a means of God's grace to you. And, I'm even more delighted that you didn't go to UCC ER (delivered all my babies there but would never opt the ER there if I had any choice in it). HOw even more awesome that you got to go to St. Jo's where they prayed over the intercom. That is so neat!

Well, while I headed to the ped. myself today w/ Judah who has a hurt wrist..nothing broken, Thank God,...I prayed for you. And, I sensed the Lord say these three words for you, "Lean on me". I sort of chuckled b/c I thought of the song but I also thought that would be about right for someone like you with your sense of humor. I could just hear you singing the song through the airports and on foreign soil and in the bathroom as you face your "problem". :) :)
Anyway, hopefully, it will be meaningful to you in some way. I also felt that God gave me Psalm 23 for you to look up and use as a means to 'lean on Him'. Hope that is encouraging and I will continue to be praying for you, your family, the party tonight, and the trip. :)

Anonymous said...

I hadn't read your previous post yet where you introduce your medical problem, so I was very worried about you when I first started this post! I'll be praying for you, and glad you got some help before you cross the Atlantic. Will continue praying . . .

BTW, I love how at St. Joe's they pray over the loud speaker. Our birthing instructor also prayed before all our birthing classes. Isn't that neat?