Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling the Squeeze of Sickness: Addendum

Addendum since yesterday: And how could I forget? My own son, Ben, has had a nasty cough, with aches and general malaise for a week. Stayed home from school twice, which he almost never does.

Like almost everyone, I suppose, sickness and disease are all around and up close.

Please pray for my Uncle Norman. He turns 79 this week and is recovering from quadruple bypass
surgery. My dad will fly out Wednesday, thanks to my sister's generous free ticket, and be with his adored brother for nine days.

My BIL, Trip, has contracted Valley Fever and has pneumonia in one lung. He is covered in a rash.
Can't get out of bed.

My co-worker in the hospital with stomach virus.

Another man is fighting for his life with lung infection, medically incurable

Our God is able and I am desperate. Great combination to recognize.

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Laurie said...

"God is able and I am desperate." Amen
Uncle Norman
co-worker stomach virus
a man w/ lung infection
Praying to Our God of might, love and mercy