Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Crab cakes, buttered egg noodles, peas, and artichokes tasted great going down last night.

Unfortunately, they did not have the same appeal coming back up. At "three a.m. in the morning," (as the overkillers around here say), I thought food poisoning demons had
attacked me. Thought it'd all be over and done with in one swell foop, but they came again at 3:30. They laid a warm heat over my head, too, and a chill pack on my legs.

So I think I have a stomach bug.

Thanks to my co-worker, Cheryl, who subbed for me, I have enjoyed blankie time on this 70 degree day.


Jessi said...

Ugh! So sorry Zoanna! I'll pray for a speedy recovery for you!!

Laurie said...

"A time to heal" is my prayer.
Cling to Him!

zz said...

Thanks, Jessie and Laurie. I'm feeling much better today (Weds).
God heard your prayers.

Laurie said...