Thursday, October 22, 2009

History Class on the Playground

If I get permission from parents to post their kids' pictures on my blog, I will. I took my camera to school today for photos of them learning about ancient Egypt. I had them take their sketchbooks to the playground and each one had to draw a certain Egyptian god, goddess, or pharaoh. We talked at length about what a great vizier Joseph was, and all the jobs he'd been given as second in command. "He was a busier vizier than most, "I remarked, which solicited groans from a few, and landed the rest an easy A. (Just kidding.)

We talked about King Tut. Did you know that he himself did nothing great during his short reign? I did not know that till this week, as he has never really interested me before. Come to find out, he became king at age 10 and died at age 19, poor thing. What he's remembered for came centuries later in 1922 when archaeologists found his tomb. His grave had been robbed, but his mummy was still there. (Didn't find his daddy.) From the things that remained in his tomb, we know a lot about how pharaohs lived and died. I commented that 1922 was a revelatory year for archaeologists, as the students should recall from our previous chapter. It was the same year that the city of Ur, from whence came Abraham, was unearthed by Sir Leonard Woolley. (Ur was un-ur'thed, not Abraham; did I make that clear?) Ur was in modern-day Iraq.

Tell me now, since a corny riddle has been swirling 'round my head, if it is original or if you've heard it?

Q: What did the ancient Egyptians have in common?
A. They had Tuthenkamen.


Laurie said...

Mrs. Z. gets an A+!
Did I mention before that I'd wanna be in your class?
I'd not heard any of the
puns or the riddle!
Mrs. Z. is in the Zone!
Even so... you need a weekend off!~Hope it's a good one!~

zz said...

The KIDS need a weekend off from my corniness. You might not want to be in the class if you surveyed all my students. All say I'm tough, some say I'm fun.

A couple days ago I gave them no homework and I got 3 responses:

1 "Do you mean it....really? or is this another one of your jokes?
2. "You MUST be sick!"
3. "My mom is NEVER gonna believe this. She might even email you when I tell her--just to make sure!"

They've been reading about the shadoof, an Egyptian irrigation system of drawing water from the Nile by means of a pulley and bucket type thing. One boy asked if it really worked and I said, "beyond a shadoof a doubt."

I know, it just gets worse and worse.

Laurie said...

Ha! No, it's pun fun!

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