Monday, October 19, 2009

"Honor everyone."

Camped out in First Peter, I read this short verse two days ago and have been pondering it since my initial journal entry of thoughts.

It's 1 Peter 2:17 that says, simply, "Honor everyone." (ESV) It's in the context of honoring others (vs. 16-18).

I have my thoughts, and haven't sought a commentary or a pastor's further insight into this verse. I like to meditate on scripture a lot first, and ask the Holy Spirit, and then go to humans.

On this verse I'm at the "ask humans" stage of questioning. Honoring those who live wisely and wholesomely is pretty easy. However--and everyone can think of at least someone to whom this next question applies--

how do you honor someone who, over and over, lives foolishly and dishonorably?


Danielle said...

Indeed. That is a question I've not yet figured out. I think it needs lots of prayer, per person, per situation. But I do think you can still "honor" someone while sowing truth and sharing with them why you can't always agree with their actions.

Laurie said...

Awaiting wise counsel...
But off the top of my head, a way to honor even a fool is to pray for her and Speak Truth in Love.

Amy said...


my first question is, "what is honor?"

typing "define: honor" into google wasn't all that helpful...pulled up e-Sword and looked up the Greek word in that verse. one of the words in Strong's definition is "value" can we focus on the inherent value of that person as created in the image of God...or, if a believer, as a daughter of the King?

what that means practically, I'm not sure...I'm asking questions, not giving answers...just thought I would throw the word "value" into the discussion.

Rachelle said...

My first thought:

This reminds me of something my wise SS teacher says often:
"we judge others according to the law, while judging ourselves according to grace." Ouch. And yes, I have particular people in my life that are hard to "honor". Let's look at the story of Jesus and the woman that washed his feet (Luke 7:36). Honor here by Jesus was in the form of allowing a prostitute, whom I am sure sinned over and over, to wash his feet-because he saw something in her that the Pharisee did not see; His grace and mercy through forgiveness of sin, that he knew she would sovereignly accept. Here's where I am going with this...isn't that what Jesus did for us when he died? That while we were yet sinners he honored us by dying for us even though we were perpetually dead in sin with no hope ending that sin?
Now my question is: who am I that I could ever choose whom to honor? Why, I am a sinner just like all of mankind. Mercifully saved by grace.And by honor, I mean: pray for, have a broken heart for, mercifully love.