Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marry a Good Speller: It Just Might Save Your Life

I found this hilarious 911 call posted on my friend Kathy's blog, which she got from Girl Talk.

The post gave me reason to be thankful that I married a good speller. Just in case the day ever comes when I'm seriously attacked by a warthog and am not A-OK, I'm glad my street it as easy to spell as "O-a-k."


Laurie said...

"A-OK" Hee hee!
I'd seen that before and it's great!

Rachelle said...

Oh no! I may be in trouble; the man I married is not a good speller(he's gifted as a science guy). Of course, it also doesn't help that when we have called 911(yes we have) the dispatcher has no clue where they are sending help anyway-because dispatch is not operated from here! I would still do it all again, given a second go-round. Besides spelling is not what counts...hehe!