Thursday, October 15, 2009

Credit for The Simple Woman's Daybook Idea

I felt both hurried and lazy the last time I posted my Daybook entry (below). My apologies to Laurie who wasn't sure where I got the idea. It was not an original thought, so I should've gone the extra mile by mouse to find the link.

I gave credit the first time I posted, but should have gone ahead and referred readers to the link again. Here it is. It's a wonderful way to jumpstart a post if you have writer's block, which I seldom do, but one that I appreciate nonetheless as a pleasant prompt.

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Laurie said...

No problem!
Thanks for the idea and for crediting! Yeah, I was hoping the Daybook entry might help w/ writer's block...
Sometimes I just don't have much to say! (So you'd think I'd just shut up!)

I will say this: The word verif. is "pretburd" and all I can think of is how my Aunt and Uncle had a parrot who said so many things and one of his favorite two words were, "Pretty Bird" said in Parrot-ese!