Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Baker's Dozen Goals for the Summer: Checking in with my Checklist

Updates are in green:

It's that time again. I like to make a list at the beginning of summer break to take advantage of the long days and larger chunks of time. I really don't want to waste it. Therefore, here is my list of goals in several areas. In faith, I will look back on this list in about 12 weeks to see the accomplishments and fruit.


1. Finish current Bible study, Believing God, by Beth Moore. Still going strong. Hope to share soon some of the best nuggets.
2. Start a group of prayer walkers (or go it alone) one evening a week for at least 8 weeks-- Walked twice alone, twice with friends, skipped this last week due to hip pain


3. Lose 2 pounds a week on average Was holding my average for 7 weeks, then have had setbacks.
4. Get new glasses, new hairdo Accomplished, though I have yet for anyone to notice either one. I guess I should've gotten a butch haircut or colored it red or gold or tried dreadlocks. Maybe next time red dreads?


5. Plan an exciting school year (world history, geog, grammar, writing, and art) Art and social studies plans are started
6. Read a missionary biography no


7. Host missionaries Andrey and Valeria from Birobidzhan yes, pictures coming
8. Meet Sarah's host family in PA maybe next weekend?

Home Improvements

9. Paint the basement (er--watch Paul ) no
10 Redecorate little bathroom painting is done except trim; also done: fixtures, new vanity, sink, faucet, accessories bought, no art up yet


11. Reorganize my office hahahahaahhaha
12. Declutter all kitchen cabinets some are done


13. Keep up with the veggie and flower gardens and enjoy their bounty Does keeping up mean noticing the steady growth....of weeds? Thankfully God has proviced a healthy mix of sun and rain. He doesn't like to weed any more than I do, apparently.

Service/Outreach: praying about this I'm fighting fear in this area because I think it may hit close to home.

Joel's Goals:

Learn to tie his shoes not yet
Read 100 books 54 so far
Play with a friend at least once a week I think so
Spend time with Pappaw and Ima every week no, they've had house guests...seems all they can handle
Lose his first tooth lost TWO
Visit Sarah not yet, but glad she visited us!
Play tennis with Dad and me not yet
Go to Sandy Cove 5 times a month . (Um, maybe 5x/whole summer, honey.) nope

What about you? Got summer goals? Updates?


terri said...

those are all great goals! i will pray that you are able to accomplish them all! I should make a list of my own and then see how well I do.

Anonymous said...

I think I have one summer goal: to visit D.C. once a month. All the museums have renovated since I was there last, so I'd like to work my way through them again.

BTW, if you need missionary bio suggestions, I'd be glad to give them if you have none in mind. Plus I own a good many, so would be glad to lend to you.

Zoanna said...

Danielle, I've been thinking of reading on David Brainerd. Do you have a good one?

Anonymous said...

No I don't, but I know his bio is part of the book "The Hidden Smile of God" by John Piper from the "Swan" series. The books includes bios of Cowper, Bunyan, and Brainerd. I've read other books from that series and their excellent!

zo said...

Danielle, what missionary bios do you have that I could borrow? I want someone I have never read about. So far I've read about Amy Carmichael, Elis Elliot, Hudson Taylor (my fave), Eric Liddell, Mother Teresa, George Mueller, Nate Saint, Jim Elliot.

Do you have Gladys Aylward?

BTW, if you're so inclined, I would LOVE to accompany you to DC for a museum tour. Now that I'm in better shape AND have more art history knowledge under my belt, I would really appreciate such a trip.

Anonymous said...

I don't have one whole book on Gladys Aylward but I do have "Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary God" which includes Sarah Edwards, Lilias Trotter, Gladys Aylward, Esther Ahn Kim and Helen Roseveare. I also have more detailed bios on Mary Slessor, Isobel Kuhn, William Borden, Ann Judson, Lilias Trotter.

I'll definitely keep you in mind for a DC trip, although I already have someone lined up to go with me the next time I go.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, Zo, whomever...
I recently went to DC. Visited the Holocaust Museum (wow) and walked, unintentioanlly, all around the Capitol Bldg, and saw the FBI bldg of movie fame. But the most delightful part of the trip was Jaleo. It's by far the most fabulous restaurant I've ever experienced. Tapas-style, so don't go solo. You can't go wrong. Soup, appetizer, entrees, desserts. Nothing is less than extraordinary, and NOTHING is ordinary. Meal: $30-50. Drinks $10-ish. Sangria is amazing and can be brought in a pitcher for sharing. I've gone to the one in DC once and the one in Crystal City twice, each time with girlfriends from work. We are big fans. We'd get season tickets if they sold them :) And for those with weight loss goal, MUCH of the menu is ultra healthy--just stay off the drink menu and share a dessert :)

Zo, you should plug some of these security words (computer-generated by the blog site) into your balderdash. For instance, "supsas" might mean something !