Sunday, July 12, 2009

My New Bathroom

Out with the seashell sink a la 1984.
In with granite counter and faucet I adore.
The floor stayed the same, mirror is new,
Artwork by Joel , new light fixture, too.
Painted in Rustica, a color bold for us,
(at least it isn't yellow like a school bus).
Where's the TP holder? Not installed yet.
A print of falling leaves a frame will get.
Trim around the doors must still be applied
But I love my l'il bathroom when I have to "go" inside.


Anonymous said...

Like the color scheme! Always so nice to have a project done to enjoy!

Laurie said...

Poem is cute as all get out!
Great project! I'm sure you're flushed with pride!
We have the same "pump style"
faucet in a bathroom in our house! It's in a brushed nickel finish!
I love it!

zo said...

Thank you. It was fun picking out the elements together and watching Paul do the rest.

Laurie, flushed with pride? C'mon, girl. Your joke stinks. It doesn't EVEN rank number 1 or number 2 in a list of funnies. JK . No kidding, YOU have the same faucet? That's too odd. It sure is fun to use, huh? It bumps up potty time from obligation to "oh goody!"

Laurie said...

Yep! No kidding! We do have the same faucet and isn't it quite cute? The throne room never looked so good!

Jessi said...

Gorgeous Zoanna!! I LOVE it!!