Monday, July 27, 2009

Excitement in the Air

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. So many good things (and people!) are coming our way in the next few weeks.

First, our daughter will return, Lord willing, on Sunday, home from eight wonderfully exhausting weeks at a camp three hours away.

Second, five of us gals who went to Russia two years ago as missionaries with Global Aid Network, are having a mini-reunion Monday right here at my house! Jaye, our leader, will be in town from Dallas. Kristin is coming up from Raleigh to stay with Sacha who is going to be heading to Russia for almost a year starting the end of August. We are planning a formal luncheon that recreates a lovely luncheon we were invited to in the home of Russian believers. (See my June/July 2007 posts if interested.)

Third, we will be seeing the design presentation for our family room on August 6th. A professional at LaZBoy came out to the house, took measurements, talked with me at length about my tastes and what I wanted the room to feel like. Ironically, having just decided that I wanted no TV in the room so that we might grow less worldly, I told her I wanted leather furniture, solid cherry side pieces, maybe an ottoman, and use accessories that I like from around the house that remind me of our travels and the people who live across the Pond. The designer concluded, "so you're going for a ...worldly look?"

A friend from Israel wants to go with me to Lancaster this week. She wants to know about the Amish since there aren't any in Jerusalem that we know of.

I get to plunge deeper into school plans. That's not altogether exciting since it means the beginning of the end of summer, but there's no better way I'd prefer to think of school than in
planning curriculum.

Okay, so now I'm jumpy.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, someday I want leather furniture. I wish I could move our TV too, as we only use it for movies or Masterpiece Theater. I could make the room better organized for chatting. However, there's no where else to put it as we don't have a finished basement and I won't have it in the bedroom.

Laurie Lynn said...

Zoanna! You seem to be in your element when things are happening!
(I'm just guessing.) Anyway, what fun activities! I'm praying for your activities! Sarah returns! Good stuff!
Is "jumpy" the same as anxious or is "jumpy" like jumping from here to there and back again...? Just wondering.

zo said...

I AM in my element, looking forward to having all my birdies back in the nest, fixing up the said nest (10 years waiting), hosting missionary friends, and anticipating all my students and I will learn together, these things are all in one package of escitement at the moment. "Jumpy" is not anxiety; I guess you'd say it's an adrenaline rush that keeps me movin' in mind and body!