Monday, July 06, 2009

Danny and Lisa's Wedding : Part 1

Some shots from Sarah's camera, since I haven't uploaded mine yet.

We got there so early,
Joel had lots of time to check
out the tide and build sandcastles.

The Bridal Hut.

Clearly assembled by groomsmen in the construction biz, where anything that can be wrapped like duct tape, is. I reckon if the ladies had been part of the design team:

1) they would have secured a permit from the city of Rehoboth so that Danny wouldn't have
had to play the pretty-please politician at 6pm for his 7pm ceremony
2) they would have billowed the tulle a little more, maybe tucked in few yellow flowers
3) they would've started more than 45 minutes before the wedding

As it was, I was amused at how the guys got the job done--emphasis on the guys.

Ever seen flip flops with tuxes?

Sarah absolutely loved these dresses...the color, the style, everything.

First time I've ever heard The Wedding March performed on the steel drum. This man was a friend of the family,
I think from Trinidad?

Here comes the bride!
I have to say, Zubrowski men know how to pick 'em:)-.

Danny watching his beloved Lisa coming down the sandy aisle. I love seeing a young man's face the moment he beholds her. It's how I
picture Jesus when His Bride is presented to
Him on That Day. Joy complete.


Sacha said...

Yes, I actually have seen the flip flops with the tuxes :) can you imagine all of that sand in their loafers?!

Zoanna said...

Makes perfect sense; I'm just saying it was my first beach wedding ever and therefore lots of other "firsts" for me to note, including tuxes w/ flip flops.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful! LOVE the colors!

Kristin said...

I want a beach wedding, and I have it planned that instead of "walking in" with my dad, we are going to ride boogie boards in!!! :) I also said that my bridesmaids will wear bathing suits, so I don't have to worry about having 81 people want to be in my wedding!! :)

Danny and Lisa look great! I heard it was a great wedding!

Laurie Lynn said...

Beautiful setting, colors, faces and reminder of the the Bride and Groom/Church and Christ!