Saturday, July 04, 2009

Not in Your Vernacular?

This past weekend we had extended family come in for a beach wedding. Two days later some of them got to come here for a cookout at our house, and a bunch of us played Balderdash afterward. I love this game, where you are given a real but obscure (and sometimes hilarious-sounding) word that each player makes up a definition for, and try to write a definition that sounds realistic enough to get other players to vote for it.

Today I decided to add a Balderdash Bubble to my sidebar for all you readers and fellow wordsmiths. First I went to which is Miriam Webster. Then I typed in a bunch of letters at random to see what came up. Sometimes nothing came up, but when something I typed ended up being a real word, I looked it up, and made its real definition one of four I put as possible answers. You get to play my game if you want.

Every other day or so I'll change the word. Please vote. Don't use any cheats, no phone-a-friends, mobile shout-outs, or dictionaries allowed. Winners will get their names posted in BOLD LETTERS. Sorry, I'm cheap, not sending any handmade soap or autographed toilet paper to anyone.

1 comment:

Laurie Lynn said...

Blessings to you!
Glad you enjoyed company!
I love Balderdash also!
Before the box game came out we played "The Dictionary Game" which was the same idea, but we took turns passing around the dictionary, finding a word nobody knew, made up definitions and included the correct one, then voted! Fun stuff!