Friday, July 17, 2009

Uncle Paul and Xander Share a Birthday

On the rare occasion when extended family from out of town get to be here, it's even better when their visit corresponds with someone's birthday. In this family, my Paul and our great-nephew Xander (pronounced "Zander," short for Alexander) have the same birthday, 45 years apart. Here they are at our little party. Uncle Paul always asks for coconut custard pie for his birthday. Xander likes chocolate cake.

First they listened to everyone
sing the Happy Birthday song,
then Xander blew out his

Uncle Paul, now an old guy, needed help blowing out his candle...

Then they opened cards and gifts.

My favorite moment was when Xander opened the card from us and exclaimed, "Money!" I don't think I've ever seen a wider smile. I wish I had had the camera in hand just at that moment. It was priceless. That is the hardest thing about being a hostess for me: missing the Kodak moments because my hands are busy elsewhere.

Ah, but the heart knows how to take pictures that are framed in the memory.

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Laurie Lynn said...

Happy birthdays and great Kodak moments were caught on film. Yes, many moments are left to be captured by the memory!! Ummm! Coconut custard pie sounds like a delicious treat!