Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stepping Away Again

Once again I am taking a blog break. I've been feeling that all-too-familiar, idolatrous, gravitational pull toward the computer. Whenever I feel like it has too great a portion of my
heart (evidenced by the time I spend on here compared to things with eternal value) I have to do the hard thing of taking a break from it.

It's really tough because blogging is such a hobby and I love the camaraderie here. But I don't steward my God-given time well. I wish I could just set a timer and stick to it, but inevitably it bleeps and I shut it off and keep right on sitting here. For the next week I really need to focus on friends, family, and my future class.

I will come back in a week or two, reserving the right to get back on sooner if I have an urgent prayer request for my Christian sisters (and brothers?) to know about.

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Laurie Lynn said...

Remember the corny old song that goes something like, "We're gonna spend forever together, so why not get acquainted now!?" Okay that song is corny and sounds like since we "have" to spend eternity together we "might as well" get acquainted now. All to say, I've really enjoyed "getting acquainted" via blogospere, though I know it has it's limitations. Have a nice break and blessings to you!