Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When Creativity Gets Dangerous

So yesterday I put down on my to-do list "Clean, organize and beautify office." Our office is located under the basement steps and is all of 7x8 feet. The word "office" is a misnomer, in fact; it's more of a catch-all junk room that I get bi-annual urges to scrapbook in, but only annual urges to clean. Good thing it has a door.

I only meant to tidy it up and get rid of some clutter, file a few misplaced photos and papers, run the vacuum, dust the only three pieces of furniture that're in there, and hang a picture. But then the Mouse/Cookie syndrome took over. I pulled out everything I could and deposited it into the open area just outside the office door. Then I moved the heavy glass scrapbook table as far as I could to vacuum behind. But instead of grabbing the vacuum, I decided to get the leftover bathroom paint which I well as the roller and dropcloth the time I was done, I had painted one entire wall. An accent wall for now, which I'll live with and decide if I want the whole room that color.

While the paint dried, I played around with a long piece of deep burnt-orange-red fabric. Topper for the sliding glass doors? Several new pillows? A skirt? Lost in thought, I put it away.

After painting, I thought I'd repurpose the two drawers from my broken craft storage unit. They will make a fine pair of flower planters. I then decided to weed the gardens and make a Bouquet in Orange. Tired and hot, I was tempted to sit down at the piano and put music to the theme of joy that was going through my head.

Thankfully I was arrested by this thought:

"Zo, the last time you were this creative in one day, you got pregnant."


Kjirstin C said...

So funny Zoanna! I do the EXACT same thing - start washing dishes and next thing I know, all the kitchen cabinets are emptied on the table and I'm reorganizing. It's crazy!

And....your last line made me actually laugh out loud, sitting here in my living room by myself - so funny :)

Jessi said...

Sounds like me!!! The reason I'm just now catching up on blog-reading is because I seem to have had an ongoing string of this since summer started!! Feels great to get stuff done, but I'm starting to realize I'm missing most of summer, and relaxation time with my kiddos, who will be heading off the school in the fall...well, not even fall - the boys start August 31!! So I'm trying to force myself to slow it down a bit, and as I do so, I'm having twinges of dread at the thought of them being gone all day long every day once school starts. I keep telling myself how much 'project' time I'll have then to ease the pain...