Monday, July 06, 2009

Holy Moly, We Have TWO Winners!

It was dumb of me to announce that I would put Balderdash Bubble winners' names in bold type, because...well...I don't know who voted how. I'm sure there's a way to match votes with IP info, but I don't know how.

Nonetheless, if your answer to the definition of "moly" was "a mythical herb with magical powers," then let us all know in the comment box. Go ahead and say so in BOLD LETTERS! Congratulations.

PS Before I spellchecked this post, I had accidentally typed "Bladerdash" instead of "Balderdash." Bladerdash is a super quick trip to the bathroom after drinking too much coffee. So quick, in fact, that one doesn't have time to write both "d's" for proper phonetic spelling.

New word coming soon.


Laurie Lynn said...

Yep! One of the things I like about Balderdash is new words that come from the game, like "bladerdash"!! I'll use that word from now on!
PS I didn't guess correctly!
I can't remember the choices, but I thought the right one sounded wrong!

Zoanna said...

the other choices were:
-having dark spots on skin (you mean that didn't fool ya?)
-righteous surprise (nor that?)
-flower w/ power
-scant bit

I think I need to make a bladerdash myself right now!